Ahoy and welcome aboard the good ship Seagull.

Bring your chosen crew for a 90 minute swashbuckling voyage aboard The Pirate Party Boat on the River Avon. Fly the Jolly Roger, battle with other members of the mutinous crew and fire the cannons amidst the smoke of battle. All foreign ships will be attacked and no quarter will be given. Cap’n Rick (for ‘tis his evil self) will lead you on an adventure on the high seas to discover the lost treasure of  the skull. Each crew member is issued with a pirate kit - water pistol to repel borders and attack other vessels, treasure map and pirate pencil to make your marks that lead to you to the gold, and scar tattoos to make you even more terrifying. Pirates are hidden along the banks of the river which give clues to opening the treasure chest containing the loot. 90 minutes of River mayhem make this a party that will not be forgotten.


The Pirate Party Boat

Important Information for parents

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